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    The Spiffing Blog

    Handmade to Order

    Worth the wait: Handmade to order 

    All of our jewelry and art prints, and quite a few other items in the shop,  are handmade just for you when you place your order.

    The production time for our products varies. Some of our more popular art prints are pre-made in larger quantities, some of our jewelry is one of a kind and ready to ship. Our engagement rings take the most time to make, and are usually on a 1-2 week production time. 

    You see, we're a teeny tiny small business. There's only two of us. Yep, just the two of us, handling everything from building and maintaining this website, sharing with you on social media, making new products, photographing and adding them here, making your orders, shipping them out, and answering customer service emails. We work our butts off to make awesome things for you, and it takes time. 


    Happy, nerdy, crafty, boozy, foodie, retro girly girl.

    Annie started Spiffing Jewelry in 2008 as a hobby, which quickly grew into a family business. She lives in east county San Diego with her girlfriend Fae, and her tiny fluffy pup, Indy.


    Vintage lover, concert goer, burrito inhaler, happiness chooser.

    Tara quit her day job in 2011 to join Annie and help Spiffing grow to what it is today. She lives by the beach in San Diego with her boyfriend Jason, where they can often be found biking around the bay.